In Their Own Words…

We just sent the most recent CyberNotes Newsletter to all Upper School Parents. There’s a section with recommendations about how to do home backups. There’s also a section with the results from our US Computer Use Survey of students.

Here are some quotes from students about their best experiences with computers:

The wealth of knowledge and the flexible creativity facilitated on demand is something I am constantly thankful for.
Excel spreadsheets for science
Watching Cirque du Soleil trailers in the library. Amazing.
Communicating with my sister in college, other friend who have left town for college.
Making movies.
Printing out an essay due in the subsequent minute
Logger Pro on the computer has helped me on my last two years’ work on science research.
Assembling my own and having it run first try.
Creating animations and using it to create art.
Everyday, I love my computer.

Here are some quotes from students about their worst experiences with computers:

When I worked on a long essay and the computer froze and I lost the entire essay.
Two things: (1) When everything goes wrong: networks fail, printers jam, files corrupt, etc.; (2) When one forge’s the duty to oneself to use a computer as a tool, and not to be used and consumed oneself.
Losing everything i had on my old Dell.
Being yelled at for gaming.
When my friends got into my computer, and i changed the password, and i forgot what i changed it to and i was the only administrator so i thought i was screwed.
Using Windows.
Using any type of MAC.
When I lost all of my data on TI Interactive while taking a test. I had to rewrite all of the information.
Breaking my laptop on accident
Having my laptop crash during finals last year. Or when my laptop was run over by a car last summer.
There was a virus and all my documents were deleted–everything I’ve written since I was about 7. (It was at home.)

Here are some quotes from students about how we could improve US technology:

I think that OES could do a better job of making sure that students are not playing computer games on their computers during free periods and in class because I have seen some kids doing that. Other than that, the computer support at OES is fabulous.
Allowing gaming during the day.
Allow us to have H DRIVE in our own laptop!!!!
[ed note H drives are their school fileserver folders.]
Tell students to KEEP THEIR HANDS CLEAN, so that when the next person comes to use a computer, it’s not all gross.
I would say to keep the Mac lab open for people after school.
[ed note: The Mac Lab is open until 5 or 6 p.m. every weekday.]
I don’t know the second thing about computers.
I think that OES should let students borrow laptops for classes during the day, then return them in the afternoon! I think a lot of kids don’t bring laptops because of the hassle of bringing it to school everyday. (It is easier to type notes)
We have quite a few computers i don’t think we need any more and software is pretty good.
Get better mice for the library and open access lab. Update library and open access lab comps.
Providing a system geared towards individual ability, those who are really good at computers are treated and restricted in the same way as those who are functionally computer illiterate
Get different language options on all of the computers.
I understand that restrictions are necessary when you’re dealing with a community like OES’s, but myspace, livejournals etc are part of teenage life. I personally think they’re lame, but there’s nothing OES can do to fix the “abuse” of these internet communities. Teenage drama caused on these websites is just that – drama. Having some girl talk about how ugly your clothes are is life – whether it be orally or online. We should be focusing on teaching kids how to deal with this, or how to be appreciative of each other’s differences, not blowing the situation out of proportion by calling it harassment.
You’re doing great Deri! A+!
[ed note: Deri Bash is US Technology Coordinator.]
Not block so many sites. I can’t get to some sites I need to for science fair. So I have to wait until I get home.
[ed note: We can unblock sites for research in about five minutes if students email us or stop by our office—help us let the kids know this.]

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