Farewell, NECC 2006

As I sit here with a coffee and a hotspot, here are some closing thoughts on NECC 2006.

I really enjoyed doing the Low Stress Laptop presentation, and the audience was one of the largest I’ve had. Here’s a copy of the handout and the presentation:

NECC Low Stress Laptop Handout PDF

NECC Low Stress Laptop Presentation PDF

One interesting question at the end of the presentation: have the laptops changed pedagogy? I answered yes, and shared an example of how teachers are using iChat on the iBooks in the classroom. For an inclass writing assignment, a student may finish early. Since he and the others are logged into iChat with the teacher, he can hand in the assignment as an iChat attachment, and thent he teacher can respond with what he should move forward to (as the other students continue to work). The teacher feels this type of exchange can really help students work at their own pace.

As I was leaving the presentation room, I was accosted by Richard Kassissieh! Well, it more like a surprise meeting– I’ve been reading his blog for some time, and it was fantasic to finally meet him. He’s moving up to Portland to be Technology Director at Catlin Gable School, and I have a sense that we’ll be up to no good rather soon. (I’m very sorry to have missed his “0 to 60: A New Online Community” presentation, but I’ve already downloaded his handout and presentation from here. I was in the ocean during his time slot…)

I also went to a session called Ubiquitous Computing: Near Future and Far Horizons yesterday– 1:1 laptop research and a district with 9600 student laptops and 2500 faculty laptops. It was noteable because about two dozen superintendents were escorted in to hear the positive research. At the end, I couldn’t help myself and asked a question about sustainability: In the future, can high schools be like colleges and universities, and have students bring their own laptops to school if they meet recommendated standards and requirements? (This is what we already do at OES.) The answer was that in a longer time frame, years in the future, when Negroponte’s $100 laptop is in K-Marts, that might occur.

Hmmm. I know that in some states schools can’t require families to buy laptops, but that doesn’t mean they can’t allow “bring your own, if you have one” policies, and provide loaners to low income families, etc. Seems like a long time to wait…

I had a looong breakfast meeting with a certain tech person from Harker School this morning, and we solved all of the world’s problems, of course. Two points of discussion: maybe a group of us should present on how home laptops can be used and supported in high schools (as is done at Harker and OES and some other high schools we know), simply to get the ball rolling in the minds of tech and admin folk.

Secondly, we wondered if a group of us should help present a curriculum coordinator’s view of Computer Science K12. For example, is the real way to appraise content on the Internet through trying to verify sources (good luck on Wikipedia), or is it to bring back logic into the K-12 curriculum, as part of The New Liberal Art of computer science I discussed a few days ago. We agreed that the importance of this issue goes well beyond that of creating better computer scientists. I’m glad he attending the day-long session with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) group tomorrow.

Higher Ground Shuttle BagI found a possible alternative to InfoCases for out iBooks next year from a company called Higher Ground. I’ll let you know what I think when I receive my sample case, but I was impressed by their prices and quality.

My favorite moments of the week– wading in the warm Pacific surf yesterday at the public beach on Silver Strand. I brought my travel bike and got in three rides this week. The first day, I cycled to Point Loma, America’s Cup Harbor, and Shelter Island and checked out sailboats and enjoyed seeing families partying on the Fourth of July. The last two days, I rode around San Diego Bay twice to Coronado, and then took the ferry home in the evening. Yesterday, I finally took the time to visit the beach and wade into the waves. It crossed my mind to just keep going out…

Okay, time to hike to the Hyatt, check out my bags and snag a taxi to the airport.

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